Crawfish Gifts

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Crawfish Cornbread With Crawfish Etouffee

Price: $125.00

a cajun delight crawfish and onions are added to cornbread batter and a topping of crawfish touffe is included. for this heat and eat product just bake the cornbread warm up the touffe and pour over the top when ready to serve weight 4-pound trays of cornbread 16 oz bag of crawfish touffe. serves 8-12 people. refrigerated shelf life 4-5 days. frozen shelf life 1 year. made in the usa.



Family Sized Crawfish Etouffee

Price: $145.00

for all you displaced cajuns out there we offer our authentic crawfish touffe. we fly it in weekly straight from breaux bridge louisiana the crawfish capital of the world feeling homesick try our delicious touffe it is sure to cure whatever ails you. you get 4 lbs. of touffe. 64 oz in a package. 8-12 servings. approx. 6dia. shelf life 1 year freezer 4-5 days refrigerated. made in the usa.



Turduchen With Shrimp And Crawfish

Price: $215.00

the ultimate cajun feast comes ready to cook easy to prepare turns every cook into a gourmet chef now you have an opportunity to enjoy what people from around the world have been asking for the tur-duc-hen. 18-20 servings. weighs 15 lbs. refrigerated shelf life 5 days. frozen shelf life 1 year. made in the usa.



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