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Undercover Pet Bed - Oriental Garden Cranes With Green Tiger Fur

Price: $250.00

Tucks them in when you cant! The Undercover Pet Bed has a pop-up cover, designed to allow a dog or cat constant access to crawl under the covers to keep themselves warm or secure. It offers your pet the freedom to control its own comfort by crawling under the pop-up blanket at will. When your dog or cat doesn’t want to be under the covers any longer, they can crawl out and then on top of the blanket and cushion to sleep or play, causing the hidden, padded spring inside the blanket to gently bend under their weight. The Undercover Pet Bed was not only designed with your pet’s needs in mind, but also with yours. Our beds are made with the most gorgeous, upholstery-grade, machine-washable fabrics available, making them easy to care for, yet unique and beautiful enough to compliment the most exquisitely decorated living room. The padded spring framework is a one-time purchase, expected to last at least three years, and replacement covers and cushions can be purchased separately. Size: (S), 25 cushion, which is recommended for a pug-sized dog or cat The idea for the Undercover Pet Bed first began on a chilly winter evening in Los Angeles about three years ago. Mommy and Daddy wanted to spend some time alone in their bed (for a change) from their two spoiled-rotten-but-adorable doggies, but the house was chilly and their doggies were used to sleeping “under the covers”, in bed with their parents (of course). The doggies curled up into tight little balls on the sofa to keep warm, and their mom covered them with towels, but every time they got up or switched positions, the towels would fall off. Mommy fretted all night about their welfare, and became determined to come up with a solution to make everyone happy. After many trials-and-errors (expensive prototypes), the Undercover Pet Bed was born! A pet bed with a pop-up cover that allows your pet to get in and out from “under the covers” whenever they want. Made in the United States, and in an ever-increasing variety of exqu



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